Have you played guitar? Well, if you have knowledge about this musical instrument then, you must be well known for charming and dynamic musical effect of a guitar. Having a good guitar always creates an opportunity to make your own tune for any kind of music.

Main features of Taylor 414ce Acoustic-Electric Guitar

When you talk about the Taylor 414ce review, you can watch about the ethnic value of the classical Taylor 414ce acoustic-electric guitar. You have to know overall features of it. In the below section, there is a brief description of Taylor guitar, and you will be well known for reading about it.

  • Shape of guitar

The previous design was introduced by Bob Taylor in 1994, and it was named as “Grand Auditorium” in short GA, and still, the shape is carrying on by the company. The dreadnought is quite wider and deeper, but the waist is narrower enough which gives the smaller instrumental appearance with the addition of “zing” in the tonal spectrum which can move faster by the player as per Taylor guitar 414ce review.

  • Making material

Top of the guitar is made of Sitka Spruce wood and which is much thicker and straight-grained. Among the other tonewoods, this wood has highest elasticity-to-weight ratio and strength quality of building material. Sitka Spruce wood material is also used for the internal bracing and the soundboards. This wooden quality is quite brighter than the Engelmann Spruce wood.

The side portion and bank portion of Taylor 414ce are made with West African ovangkol wood which has a variety of color and design of its own. There are various colors of the woods like yellow-brown, olive-brown, yellow and black stripe in the wooden finished. Some of the other medium hardwoods of eastern India are also used in part like mahogany, koa, and walnut. However the wooden finished of the guitar body attract the glimpse of it.

  • Acoustic Sound Reproduction

When you see the review of Taylor 414ce, you can see that from past few years; the guitar becomes much advanced featured with the pure natural acoustic sound which is amplified well with pickup system in the microphone which can be usable from the beginner to pro-guitarist.

In the Expression system of the guitar, there are three magnetic sensors. Two Dynamic Body Sensors are placed under the soundboard which captures the top vibration of complex nuances. The Dynamic String Sensor is placed in the extension of fretboard which captures the vibration of the neck and string vibration.

There are preamp boosts which clean the pickup signal, and there is no need for artificial EQ system. The Expression system can run in any PA or mixer and does not create any kind of distortion of volume while playing.

There are three unintuitive control knobs in onboard which are for the bass, volume and treble control button. A player can adjust them according to their preferred choice of music. When you set it in flat mode, it will create natural sound, and you can then adjust the treble and bass as per your taste. When you play the Taylor guitar, you will get the high amplified pure tune, the extraordinary dynamic range of sound. You can just explore your musical subtleties.

  • Constructiontaylor 414ce review

According to Taylor 414ce grand auditorium guitar review, in the construction material of guitar, Taylor uses the best quality of wood, and that’s why it holds the market reputation and pride since the previous century. In the fretboard, ebony wood is used to make it. In case of tonewood, quartersawn is used. The total process is done under the supervision of Bob Taylor and his expert team. All these are sorted well, dried well and prepared well.

The binding work and pearl inlay are also done by hand with care without of using any machine. Taylor believes in precision in each, and every part of the building like an automatic computer machine does.

  • Bracing and Balance

In case of balancing the tone of a Taylor guitar, builders are giving you the best quality of it. The recording is quite tough because of the shape of a guitar. The weigh is not balanced enough because of its shape and heavily weighted in one side of it.

  • Straightness in neck

Bob Taylor introduced new technology to keep the neck of a guitar straight against the humidity and other factors which was a major issue for an acoustic guitar. Neck angle is built by spacers, and the bridge adjustment is very easy with the new system of it.

  • Tuner

There is a different type of string and tuner in the market which you can use easily if you want. Taylor goes for the gleaming tuner for the Taylor 414ce and careful enough for the string which creates great compositions.

Why should people buy it?

Before buying a Taylor 414ce acoustic-electric guitar, you have to think about the quality of the guitar. The Expression System picks up the best tune from the guitar. The ovangkol wooden finished gives you charming flavor. You can access the fingerboard register, and the attractive and contrasting white binding and outline gives you the best look out of the other acoustic and electric guitar. So, this is a wise choice of buying a Taylor 414ce guitar. So, do not think much go for it and buy it.


  • Good amplification of the Expression system of Taylor guitar.
  • The best quality material to make it.
  • Can be played both as an electric and normal mode.
  • Steel-string acoustic system.
  • Can be repaired anytime if damage occurs
  • Better controlling unit.


  • The weight is not balanced.
  • Sound recording is quite difficult.
  • Limited place of supply.

Final Verdict

If you think to buy this, you must check the Taylor 414ce review form the internet, and you will get all details from there. Overall, the using of a Taylor guitar is quite easier than other guitars and people are started choosing Taylor guitars for them. From beginner to pro-user, it is suitable for all. Therefore, a Taylor guitar got best market rating among the other guitars. For the medium budget, it is a very good choice for you. So, buy it and enjoy it.