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Revolutionary Public Relations – Following the Zapatista’s ‘Handbook’ in Marketing a Movement

October 7th, 2010


Environmental activists should take a page from the exceptionally persuasive marketing message of Mexico’s Zapatista insurgency, that’s the assertion of Jeff Conant. He’s the author of the book A Poetics of Resistance: The Revolutionary Public Relations of the Zapatista Insurgency.

Today on Earthbeat, Jeff Conant’s presentation on this unusual media messaging strategy. He spoke recently in Washington, DC in a panel discussion with Manuel Perez-Rocha of the Institute for Policy Studies.

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Attack of the Tea Partiers, Greening Immigration & ‘Frankenfish’

September 14th, 2010


Organized and well-funded groups are undermining climate news and science everywhere from Tea Parties to websites. Joining host Daphne Wysham to discuss the so-called Digg Patriots who go about the Internet ‘hiding’ climate science from the rest of us is Jared Keller, the social media editor for The And discussing the millions of dollars that the Koch Brothers spend on right-wing causes is Joe Smyth of Greenpeace. You can track the oil money influence on your local politician at the website – Dirty Energy Money.

Then, how anti-immigration groups are ‘painting themselves green’ by framing border concerns as an environmental issue. Rebecca Poswolsky discusses their efforts; she’s a field organizer for the Center for a New Community and discusses their expose The Green War on Immigrants. Joining us to discuss how the media portrays Hispanics in America is Raul Tovares, a Professor of Communications at Trinity University.

The fight against frankenfish goes to the FDA. The federal government is about to decide on whether or not they’ll approve a new, genetically-altered salmon for human consumption. Startlingly, the FDA doesn’t plan to classify these fish as a food, but instead, as a drug. Eric Hoffman of the Friends of the Earth discusses the human health implications of this decision. Mike Hudson, the president of the Small Boat Commercial Salmon Fishermen’s Association and the founder of Salmon Aid, discusses the potentially devastating effects of these altered states of salmon on wild salmon populations.

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