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Uranium Mining at the Grand Canyon; Gearing up for RIO+20; Mother Earth Rights & The Threat of Toxic Terror at Home

April 26th, 2011

The Interior Department decides this summer whether or not it will allow uranium mining near the Grand Canyon. Joining host Daphne Wysham to discuss the pre-Fukushima boom in uranium mining by foreign companies is Lauren Pagel, the policy director of EarthWorks. To express your opinion on the mining for uranium in and around the Grand Canyon, click here.

A ‘honking big global Earth summit’ is coming our way next year, that’s according to Jim Thomas of the ETC Group. Jim says bankers and corporations are already jockeying for position at the upcoming UN Rio+20 Summit. His recent commentary can be found at But also preparing are activists like India’s Vandana Shiva. We’ll hear part of Vandana’s comments on Rio+20 at a UN conference earlier this month. The video from the UN Conference is available.

DuPont is taken to task for potential toxic liabilities that endanger millions of Americans, we’ll get the details from Rick Hind, the legislative director for Greenpeace.

Music in this edition of the show is ‘Lightning over Sonora’ and ‘Procession of the Jaguar’ by Native American musician Robert Tree Cody. Our theme music is “Baladi” by Tony Anka, Bellydance Superstars vol. 2.

Image of an abandoned uranium mine in Utah by wonder_al via Flickr.

James Hansen Speaks on His Arrest for Protesting Mountaintop Removal; Midterm Money & Small Fishing Solutions

September 28th, 2010

James Hansen arrested

NASA scientist James Hansen speaks about his arrest at the White House during a protest against mountaintop removal coal mining. Hansen was one of over 100 activists arrested during the non-violent civil disobedience event – Appalachia Rising. Joining the conversation is demonstration organizer, Maria Gunnoe, of the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition and a native of Boone County, West Virginia.

Hansen put forward an idea of Equal Protection of the Laws at the Appalachia Rising event. The Million Letter March mentioned by James Hansen is the ‘write’ way to stop climate change.

Record breaking amounts of money is pouring into the midterm elections – tracking the contributions from the oil and gas is Dave Levinthal, the editor of the blog Open Secrets and the spokesman for the Center for Responsive Politics.

An innovative program in New England is keeping small, family fishing companies afloat in the face of big corporate interests. Niaz Dorry, the director of the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance joins us to discuss the rise of ‘factory fishing’ and how her organization is fighting back.

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Nuclear Options & Cashing out of the Chamber of Commerce

January 5th, 2010


Nuclear power proponents say it’s ‘clean energy’ because, unlike coal-fired power plants, nuclear power doesn’t produce carbon dioxide. In this encore episode we hear from Dr. Helen Caldicott the author of Nuclear Power is Not the Answer on the dangers of nuclear power and how it DOES create massive amounts of greenhouses gases. Dr. Caldicott joins the discussion with host Daphne Wysham. More information about the rise of nuclear power in the US Senate can be found at Mother Jones magazine. The report Dr. Caldicott mentions is Carbon Free Nuclear Free.

Top American companies ditch their membership in the US Chamber of Commerce because of its climate change denial. We speak to Pete Altman, the climate campaign director for the Natural Resources Defense Council and Antonia Juhasz, the author of the book The Tyranny of Oil. To take action and support companies demanding the U.S. Chamber of Commerce change its stance on climate change, either call 1-877-5-REPOWER or visit WhoDoesTheChamberRepresent?

The federal government classifies incinerators as a source of renewable energy. Meg Sheehan of Ecolaw in Massachusetts discusses the irony of naming waste as renewable.

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Population & Climate Change, Plus the 350 Rally

November 3rd, 2009


The connections between population and climate change go far beyond the recent comments by conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh. Kathleen Mogelgaard of Population Action International speaks to host Mike Tidwell about how giving women the control they want over the size of their families ends up being a win-win for them, and the climate.

CNN called the recent 350 Day of Action “the most widespread day of political action in the planet’s history.” We speak to founder and climate hero Bill McKibben.

Then, host Mike Tidwell reviews the latest climate news and views, including his recent op-ed in the Baltimore Sun.

Image from Hyderabad, India’s 350 action, used courtesy of

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Tracking Giveaways to Utility Companies in Waxman-Markey

April 28th, 2009


Today on Earthbeat, host Mike Tidwell discusses the behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing on the climate bill. Joining him for the conversation is Peter Barnes of the Tomales Bay Institute and the founder of the telephone company Working Assets. Peter’s most recent book is Capitalism 3.0. Joining the discussion is David Sassoon, the author of the blog Solve Climate.

President Obama is continuing the ‘major emitters’ conference begun by President Bush, joining Mike to discuss the conference and the latest climate science is Joe Romm, the author of the book Hell and High Water and the editor of the blog Climate Progress.

Then, how the book industry is going green, we speak to Tyson Miller, the founder and director of the Green Press Initiative.

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A Powerful Shift

March 3rd, 2009


PowerShift ’09 was the largest youth climate demonstration ever. Student activists came to Washington, DC from all across America. Earthbeat host Daphne Wysham discusses the conference with Maura Cowley, a Sierra Student field organizer and one of the planners of PowerShift ’09.

At PowerShift the founder of Green for All, Van Jones spoke about the power of youth in creating change. The new head of the EPA, Lisa Jackson, introduced an agency that will make dramatic changes from the previous administration. Ken Salazar, the new head of the Department of the Interior announced the founding of a new youth conservation core.

Following PowerShift, students and organizers held a protest against the coal-fired power plant that heats Congress. As a result of the planned protest Congress recently announced the plant would stop burning coal. We hear from the event and in particular from environmentalist and member of the politically powerful Kennedy family – Robert F. Kennedy.

Then, a review of President Obama’s clean energy budget with the Friends of the Earth’s Erich Pica.

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Acting Against Coal & Nukes

February 23rd, 2009


Today on Earthbeat, Host Mike Tidwell speaks to climate activist Bill McKibben about the massive protest March 2nd – the Capitol Climate Action.

Coming on the heels of PowerShift, the biggest gathering of college students organized against climate change, the March 2 protest is set to be a massive act of civil disobedience and action designed to highlight the damage done by coal-fired power.

The $787 (B) billion-dollar stimulus plan signed into law by President Obama was remarkably free of money for old and dirty energy industries like coal and nuclear power. The Friends of the Earth spearheaded the campaign to fight against loan guarantees for nuclear power we hear about the campaign from Ben Schreiber, FOE’s climate and energy tax analyst. Here you can view the TV ads that ran against the issue.

Then we hear about how the death of journalism will affect coverage of climate issues from Peter Dykstra. Peter was laid off in December from CNN along with the entire 7-person science, technology and environment team. He’s currently finishing a scholar-in-residence program at the
Woodrow Wilson Center.  He now writes for the Mother Nature Network.

Finally, we speak to the man behind the panels. Blake Jones is the founder of Namaste Solar, the Colorado company who installed solar panels on the roof of the Denver museum that was the backdrop for President Obama’s signing of the $787 (B) billion-dollar stimulus bill. Jones formerly worked in oil and gas exploration for Haliburton before founding Namaste. He’s developed the company with a completely democratic system of profit-sharing and decision-making.

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Our theme music is Baladi by Tony Anka, Bellydance Superstars vol. 2.