World on the Edge – A Discussion with Author Lester Brown

February 10th, 2011

The world is facing a potentially devastating ‘Food Bubble,’ that according to pioneering environmentalist Lester Brown. in his new work – ‘World on the Edge’ – Lester seeks to reconcile dueling predictions of our future: The scientists who say climate change will cause incredible disruption in our food, water and energy sources; And the economists who continue to predict steadily increasing world growth.

Lester’s earlier book, ‘Plan B’ will be the subject of an upcoming PBS television special hosted by Matt Damon this Spring. Host Daphne Wysham sits down with the founder of the Earth Policy Institute – Lester Brown – for a look into the world’s future.

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2 Responses to “World on the Edge – A Discussion with Author Lester Brown”

  1. Spec Says:

    The audio and MP3 is missing.

  2. Lance Bexfrost Says:

    Very insightful interview, particularly around current events, and always good to hear some positive advice rather than a simple presentation of doomsday scenarios. Just one point to add as an Australian – it is true that the recent Queensland floods and Cyclone Yasi were devastating and, in particular for the flooding, much larger than in recent years (since 1973/74).

    However, Queensland, particularly the tropical North East, and the Northern Territory are subject to the El Niño/Nina southern oscillation (ENSO) which causes weather extremes every 5 years or so (currently). According to the Aus. Bureau of Meteorology, Queensland is subject to 4.7 tropical cyclones every year. In effect, my point is that tropical cyclones and flooding are not unique to these most recent events, though it is comforting to know they have reached international attention.

    The question for the future is whether these events will worsen with future oscillations (intensity) or simply become more common (frequency). The agricultural sector in Australia will certainly watch the ENSO with interest – we are already wearing some pricing extremes in the supermarkets (even for some products not grown in Queensland, hmm…) and much of the grain harvest, even outside of Queensland, has been reduced to low grade due to excessive rains.

    Can’t wait to see the “Plan B” documentary later this year.

    Lance Bexfrost
    South Australia

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