China & India Leaving the U.S. Behind

September 22nd, 2009


Advancements in China and India on greenhouse gas emission targets and leaps forward on renewable energy resources in China and India may be leaving the United States behind.

Earthbeat host Daphne Wysham discusses how the rest of the world is leaping forward on a clean energy future with Lester Brown. Lester is the president of the Earth Policy Institute and the author of a recent editorial in the Washington Post and the forthcoming book, Plan B 4.0 Mobilizing to Save Civilization.

David Bookbinder, the chief climate counsel of the Sierra Club and Tyson Slocum, the head of Public Citizen’s energy program discuss the pending U.S. action in the Senate on the nation’s first major legislation to fight climate change.

Image used courtesy of Laura Padgett via Flickr.

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