Waxman-Markey Passes & Coal Protests Heat Up

June 30th, 2009


Host Daphne Wysham speaks to the president of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, Arjun Makhijani; the Washington Representative for the Union of Concerned Scientists, Marchant Wentworth; and the deputy legislative director for the League of Conservation Voters, Sara Chieffo.

The fight against coal heats up with Congressional testimony and high-profile arrests of NASA scientist James Hansen and actress Daryl Hannah. Kate Rooth of Greenpeace USA and Stephanie Pistello of the Alliance for Appalachia and Appalachian Voices join us to discuss the recent actions.

And an architecture research group that’s working to slow climate change – we speak to Edward Mazria, the founder and executive director of Architecture 2030.

Music for this edition of Earthbeat is Planet Passion by Ancient Future.

Our theme music is Baladi by Tony Anka, Bellydance Superstars vol. 2.

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