The True Cost of Oil

June 2nd, 2009


The Nigerian military’s Joint Task Force launched a full-scale assault on villages in the oil-rich Niger Delta on May 13, 2009. The military says the action is targeted at militants in the area. But reports from the ground suggest hundreds and perhaps thousands of innocent civilians have been killed. Humanitarian aid groups and journalists are banned from entering the Delta.

Billions of dollars in oil is extracted from under the feet of the people in the Niger Delta, and yet the region is marked by abject poverty.

Host Daphne Wysham sat down with the founder and director of the non-profit group, the Niger Delta Professionals for Development – Joel Bisina. Joining the conversation is Mary Ella Keblusek, the group’s international director. Mary Ella is also an associate producer of the forthcoming documentary on the Niger Delta, Sweet Crude.

Oil companies are now coming under legal fire for polluting the Amazon and for allegedly working hand-in-hand with corrupt governments in oppressing the people living in oil-rich areas globally.

Antonia Juhasz
joins us to discuss the one oil company’s actions – Chevron’s – and shares with us the contents of her just-released alternative annual report on the oil company. Juhasz is the author of the book The Tyranny of Oil. Her alternative annual report on Chevron is entitled, The True Cost of Chevron.

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