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Acting Against Coal & Nukes

February 23rd, 2009


Today on Earthbeat, Host Mike Tidwell speaks to climate activist Bill McKibben about the massive protest March 2nd – the Capitol Climate Action.

Coming on the heels of PowerShift, the biggest gathering of college students organized against climate change, the March 2 protest is set to be a massive act of civil disobedience and action designed to highlight the damage done by coal-fired power.

The $787 (B) billion-dollar stimulus plan signed into law by President Obama was remarkably free of money for old and dirty energy industries like coal and nuclear power. The Friends of the Earth spearheaded the campaign to fight against loan guarantees for nuclear power we hear about the campaign from Ben Schreiber, FOE’s climate and energy tax analyst. Here you can view the TV ads that ran against the issue.

Then we hear about how the death of journalism will affect coverage of climate issues from Peter Dykstra. Peter was laid off in December from CNN along with the entire 7-person science, technology and environment team. He’s currently finishing a scholar-in-residence program at the
Woodrow Wilson Center.  He now writes for the Mother Nature Network.

Finally, we speak to the man behind the panels. Blake Jones is the founder of Namaste Solar, the Colorado company who installed solar panels on the roof of the Denver museum that was the backdrop for President Obama’s signing of the $787 (B) billion-dollar stimulus bill. Jones formerly worked in oil and gas exploration for Haliburton before founding Namaste. He’s developed the company with a completely democratic system of profit-sharing and decision-making.

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Insurance and Climate Change

February 18th, 2009


Today on Earthbeat — Robbing Peter — to pay Paul. Insurance companies in the United States use one hand to deny policies to Americans living on the East Coast — while using the other hand to invest billions of dollars in coal-fired power plants and other polluting industries.

In this encore edition of Earthbeat, host Mike Tidwell discusses the surprisingly fascinating business of insurance and climate change with Joel Gordes of Environmental Energy Solutions. Joel follows the industry from his offices near the insurance capital of the world – Hartford, Connecticut.

Florida is often called a ‘worst case scenario come true’ when it comes to insurance. Randy Diamond reports on insurance and writes the blog ‘Gotcha Covered’ for Florida’s Palm Beach Post. Amy Bach is the co-founder of a consumer rights group in California – United Policyholders.

And then we hear from the insurance industry itself. David Snyder is a lawyer for the lobbying group, the American Insurance Association. Joining him is Andrew Logan, the director of insurance programs for Ceres, a coalition of investors and environmental groups that encourage environmentally sound business decisions.

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Watching the World Warm

February 12th, 2009


Watching the world warm. We’ll speak to the President of the Worldwatch Institute – Christopher Flavin – a leading voice on the need to build a low-carbon economy. We’re bringing details from Worldwatch’s landmark 2009 report The State of the World.

Included speakers are Dr. Janet Sawin, a senior researcher with the Worldwatch Institute, Malini Mehra, the founder of the Centre for Social Markets in India, Yingling Liu, the China Program Manager at Worldwatch, Bill Hare lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s mitigation component, Dr. Thomas Lovejoy, the Biodiversity Chair of the Heinz Center and Dr. Sara Scherr, the President and CEO of Ecoagricultural Partners.

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Eyes on the Prize

February 5th, 2009


Today on Earthbeat – The politician who really coined the phrase “Drill baby Drill” becomes head Republican and the Senate slips nuclear power provisions into the stimulus package. Host Mike Tidwell discusses the latest climate news with Joe Romm, the author of Climate Progress.

Then, we hear Al Gore’s testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on climate change.

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February 3rd, 2009


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Today on Earthbeat – Pushing back on plans to build new coal-fired power plants in Virginia. Legislators need to promote new clean energy instead of old, dirty coal.

Mike Tidwell hosts this special DC-Local edition of Earthbeat with guests Lauren Glickman of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network and 2009 candidate for governor of Virginia – Brian Moran.

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