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The Candidates & a New Green Economy

September 30th, 2008


In the face of the worst economic disaster in American history since the Great Depression — both Barack Obama and John McCain cite their energy policies in their solutions for solving the crisis. Host Mike Tidwell dives into the deep waters of clean energy with two climate activists who don’t see eye to eye on energy policy — Ted Glick, the national coordinator of the US Climate Emergency Council and Joe Romm, a senior fellow with the Center for American Progress.

Climate change is creating what’s called global weirding — these odd fluctuations in temperatures and rainfall are making it harder and harder to pinpoint the ‘leaf peak’ in fall foliage. It’s also putting the billion-dollar ‘leaf peeping’ tourism industry in New England at risk. Jake Weltzin is the executive director of the USA National Phenology Network in Tucson, Arizona. Project Budburst is the tracking network that’s using photos from backyard gardeners.

Getting an urgent climate message out to everyone is the goal of the podcast World on Fire. Producer Jay Tomlinson discusses his tricks of the trade in creating a ‘Reader’s Digest’ of climate news.

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Washington’s Bailout of Wall Street & McCain’s Nuclear Connection

September 23rd, 2008


How Washington’s bailout of Wall Street helps – and hurts – the fight against climate change. President Bush wants more than $700 (B) billion dollars to shore up the nation’s financial giants, but what if that money went toward environmental justice – or green jobs – or both? Then we line up the connections between John McCain’s campaign, Swift Boats, and nuclear power.

Joining host Daphne Wysham in our Washington, DC studios is economist Jim Barrett of Redefining Progress. On the telephone from his Massachusetts office is Chuck Collins, a senior scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies and the director of IPS’s Program on Inequality and the Common Good. Also on the phone, this time from Columbus, Ohio is Harvey Wasserman, the author of Solartopia.

A new green economy won’t just fight global warming — it’ll be a rising tide that lifts all boats. That’s according to the new report, A Climate of Change. We speak to its author, Nia Robinson, the director of the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative.

Then, the connections between Republican Presidential candidate John McCain, the Swift Boat campaign of 2002, and nuclear power. We speak to Diane D’Arrigo of the Nuclear Information Research Service and Cyrus Reed of the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club in Texas.

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Arctic Sea Ice

September 16th, 2008


Arctic ice is hitting its second lowest level in the last 100 years. The lead scientist for the National Snow and Ice Data Center – Ted Scambos – discusses how and why the North Pole is melting away. Joining the conversation to discuss the politics in Washington and how it can, or can’t, protect the arctic is Brian Moore of the Audubon Society.

The National Day of Green Jobs seeks to bring the new clean energy economy to everyone. Liz Butler is the field and outreach coordinator for 1Sky – a collaborative organization focusing on climate, and one of the organizers of the September 27th event. You can find out more, and an event near you, at Green Jobs Now.

Creating belly laughs out of devastating climate news could be a real challenge, but it seems to come easily to Chris Karwowski. He’s the producer of The Onion Radio News, the radio off-shoot of the satirical fictional newspaper – The Onion.

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VP Palin and Presidential Influences

September 9th, 2008


Alaska Governor Sarah Palin seemed a surprise choice for Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain — but it turns out she may be a triple boon to his ticket: packing oil money, support from the religious right, and anti-environmental postures into one telegenic package. Earthbeat host Daphne Wysham takes a look at Palin’s surprising anti-environmental record with Greenpeace USA’s Glenn Hurowitz. To view Governor Palin’s appearance before the Wasilla Assembly of God, go here.

Tracking the oil, coal, and nuclear power money pouring into both McCain and Barack Obama’s Presidential campaigns is Massie Ritsch, the communications director for The Center for Responsive Politics, and Cathy Duvall, the political director for the Sierra Club.

To view Obama and McCain’s campaign contributions, check out Open Secrets, a website operated by The Center for Responsive Politics. The Sierra Club operates a comprehensive website on the coal industry, including the hilarious video Liquid Coal.

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Hurricanes Hitting the Gulf

September 2nd, 2008


Today on Earthbeat we’ll investigate the links between climate change, offshore oil drilling — and hurricanes in the Gulf Coast. Joining host Mike Tidwell in our studios is Joe Romm from the Center for American Progress and Greg Jenkins, the head of Howard University’s Department of Physics & Astronomy.

On the telephone from Jackson, Louisiana – 30 miles north of Baton Rouge is Mark Davis, the director of the Tulane University Institute on water resources law and policy. Davis has evacuated, with his family, to Jackson from New Orleans.

Speaking about the excellent success of the Xcel power company in Colorado is Keith Hay of Environment Colorado.

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