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A Flood of Change

June 24th, 2008


Today on Earthbeat host Mike Tidwell takes on Exxon for its sponsorship of the nation’s only green ballpark – the Washington, DC Nationals. Joining CCAN in Strike Out Exxon is John Passacantando, the executive director of Greenpeace USA and Steve Kretzmann, the director of Oil Change International.

A new federal report sums up the links between climate change and the extreme weather we’re seeing all across America – from the massive flooding in the Northeast, to drought and wildfires in the West to killer storms and tornadoes in the East. John Passacantando joins Mike Tidwell to discuss NOAA’s report.

And we discuss the NOAA report as well as how the American media fails to connect the dots between national disasters and climate change with Brad Johnson, a research associate at the Center for American Progress Action Fund. Brad is a contributor to their website the Wonk Room.

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Music for this edition of Earthbeat include versions of “Take me Out to the Ballgame” by Hot Buttered Elvis as well as Doc & Merle Watson.

Our theme music is Baladi by Tony Anka, Bellydance Superstars vol. 2.


June 17th, 2008


The poor in developing countries are fighting back against the multi-national oil companies. Host Daphne Wysham speaks to activists from Nigeria and Indonesia about how oil exploration and biofuel production are devastating the developing world.

Mina Susana Setra, from Indonesia, is the director of international advocacy and foreign affairs for AMAN – Aliansi Masyarakat Adat Nusantara – Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago. From Nigeria is Nnimmo Bassey, the executive director of Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth, Nigeria. View the film, The Forest Lament.

David Waskow, the director of the climate change program for Oxfam America speaks about how US policy could greatly affect adaptation around the world. View the Oxfam video on adaptation.

David Korten is the author of When Corporations Rule the World. In his latest work, The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community, Korten lays our his paradigm shift for true worldwide change. He spoke at the recent IFG/IPS Teach-In.

Adaptation to the energy crisis and climate change — that’s coming up today on Earthbeat.

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Image courtesy of Oxfam via Flickr.

What’s Next?

June 10th, 2008


Today on Earthbeat host Mike Tidwell gazes into his crystal ball. We discuss what’s next for Congressional action on climate change now that the Lieberman-Warner legislation is dead with Jeremy Symons, the executive director of the National Wildlife Federation and Dave Hamilton, the director of global warming and energy programs for the Sierra Club.

What’s next for the White House now that Barack Obama will become the Democrat’s nominee? We continue our conversation with Jeremy Symons and speak to Paul Ferguson, a member of the Virginia Governor’s Commission on Climate Change. Ferguson is currently the clerk of the circuit court for Arlington County.

And what’s next on the Republican side of the coin? We discuss John McCain and his love of nuclear power with Joe Romm, the author of Hell and High Water and a blogger with the website Climate Progress.

Here is Barack Obama’s Kentucky clean coal advertisement – Here are details of Obama’s campaign.

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Dam Hydropower

June 3rd, 2008


The massive earthquake and aftershocks in China’s Sichuan province unveiled the weaknesses in dams in the country. Today on Earthbeat we look at hydropower’s problems – and some possible solutions.

Host Daphne Wysham speaks to a senior advisor to the US Army Corps of Engineers – Jerome Delli Priscoli. He’s the editor of a scientific journal by the World Water Council as well as the editor of the forthcoming book, Managing and Transforming Water Conflicts.

Joining the conversation to discuss her recent travels and analysis of China’s dams is Nicole Brewer, the China global program associate for the California-based group International Rivers.

Greedy developers around the world are manipulating hydropower’s clean-energy reputation for profit in the world-wide trade of carbon credits. International River’s Executive Director Patrick McCully joins us, and discussing the links between this and US climate legislation is Kate Horner of Friends of the Earth.

Then, a discussion of how some dam projects actually contribute to global warming and how to build a clean dam with Jerome Delli Priscoli and Brian Richter, the co-leader of the Global Freshwater Team at The Nature Conservancy.

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Image courtesy of Taylor Miles via Flickr.