Talking Transportation

March 25th, 2008


Over one-third of all global warming emissions come from planes, trains and most of all – automobiles. Every time we burn one gallon of gasoline in our cars – we release 20 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Earthbeat host Daphne Wysham will discuss the high price of oil – both in dollars and in degrees.

Joining us in our Washington, DC studios is John Krieger a staff attorney for the U.S. PIRG; and Colin Peppard, the Transportation Policy Coordinator for the Friends of the Earth.

An upcoming hearing in California seeks to weaken the already crippled state law requiring automakers to build zero-emission vehicles. Danielle Fugere, the west coast regional program director of Friends of the Earth joins electric car enthusiast Earl Killian. Earl is the proud owner of two electric cars: Snow White & the Force and is a board member of the Electric Car Association.

Finally we hear from the automaker themselves. Joining us in the studios is Keith Cole, the manager of General Motors‘ hydrogen car project and Patrick Serfass from the National Hydrogen Association; as well as John Shore – one of the originators of the $10 (m) million dollar Progressive Automotive X-Prize.

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