Gardener’s Guide to Global Warming

May 29th, 2007


The USDA is currently revising its 1990 Plant Zone Hardiness map – a crucial tool for gardeners. But that map won’t be available until 2008 and so other organizations have decided not to wait and have gone ahead with updated map.

Today on Earthbeat, host Mike Tidwell speaks to Kim Kaplan of the USDA’s research agency about their upcoming map — and with the National Wildlife Federation’s Patty Glick. As the author of the Federation’s A Gardener’s Guide to Global Warming, Patty’s helped developed ways for gardeners to deal with our changing world.

Discussing how gardeners can deal with current global warming effects in their gardens is the Vice President of Horticulture and Living Collections for the New York Botanical Garden, Todd Forrest. He joins us on the telephone from his Bronx office and in the studio is the Washington Post gardening columnist Adrian Higgins.

Finally, master gardener Ed Burske and the National Wildlife Federation’s David Mizajewski join us in the Earthbeat studios to discuss how gardeners can ‘go green’ and limit their carbon footprint. Bruske is the founder and President of the DC Urban Gardeners and runs the website “The Slow Cook.” David Mizajewski is a naturalist and the host of the Animal Planet program Backyard Habitat.

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