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Payola Beyond the Bedroom at the World Bank

April 25th, 2007


On this edition of Earthbeat we explore the scandals at the World Bank that don’t involve the Bank President’s girlfriend.

While the headline news is all about Paul Wolfowitz and how he engineered a high-paying job for his companion — the true scandal is how the Bank finances environmental destruction and human rights abuses.

Joining host Daphne Wysham to discuss how the African country of Chad is affected by a Bank-sponsored oil pipeline project is Korinna Horta, a Senior Economist with Environmental Defense, and Nikki Reisch, the African Program Manager for the Bank Information Center.

As the Spring meetings of the Bank occurred in Washington, DC — activists from around the world came to the nation’s capital to lobby the bank for meaningful changes. Discussing the devastation that logging and mining have on the African nation of Congo are Cath Long, Program Director for The Rainforest Foundation, Filip Verbelen of Greenpeace Belgium, and Marc-Olivier Herman of the Policy Department of Broederlijk Delen. A link to B.D.’s petition to protect the Congo is here.

Of course, the World Bank’s reach goes far beyond Africa. In Guatemala, the people are fighting back. Discussing the issue alongside local activists from Ceiba is Lael Parish, a program officer for Latin America for the Moriah Fund.

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Photo used courtesy of Daphne Wysham

Earth Day Action!

April 17th, 2007


Earth Day is April 22nd. This week Earthbeat host Mike Tidwell reviews the future of what’s been called the world’s largest secular holiday with Sean Miller, Educational Director for the Earth Day Network.

Joining them to talk about the father of Earth Day, is the biographer of Senator Gaylord Nelson, Bill Christofferson and Nelson’s co-author of the book Beyond Earth Day — Susan Campbell.

With an update from the future of environmental activism is Chris Nidal, an organizer of the Sea of People action in New York City, part of the massive Step it Up event earlier in the week.

Earthbeat guest Tim Sanchez of The Center for a New American Dream believes that attacking consumerism is a key part of fighting climate change – debating him with a decidedly contrary view is Jerry Taylor, a senior fellow of the pro-capitalism Cato Institute.

With an update about the new, more restrictive media policies at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration is Tom Devine, the legal director for the Government Accountability Project.

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Image used courtesy of Step it Up.

Transitions in Scientific Censorship, the EPA & Small Towns

April 11th, 2007


Scientist David Karoly speaks about being one of three top scientists and authors of the IPCC report who formally objected to the changes made by government bureaucrats to the final UN report on the current effects of climate change.

Saudi Arabia, Russia and China were among the countries that tried to water down the language in the summary document. Kert Davies of Greenpeace and climate journalist and writer Ross Gelbspan join the conversation on the politics and content of the report.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that carbon dioxide is a pollutant. But will an EPA under the Bush Administration begin regulating it? Joe Mendelsohn, the legal director for the International Center for Technology Assessment and the attorney who filed the original lawsuit joins Earth Justice’s Marty Hayden in the Earthbeat studios.

The town of Totnes, in the U.K., is transitioning from its addiction to oil. Rob Hopkins speaks about how the town has inspired similar actions in nine other communities.

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