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Deep Inside the Republican Mind

March 29th, 2007


Today on Earthbeat we speak to a Republican Congressman banned from being on an energy committee because Republican leaders say he’s been too outspoken about climate change.

Maryland Represenative Wayne Gilchrest joins other moderate Republicans in denoucing their leadership for turning a deaf ear to the reality of global warming.

Authors Chris Mooney and Joe Romm then speak to host Mike Tidwell about how the Republican party is, or isn’t, talking about climate change. Joe Romm is a senior fellow at The Center for American Progress, he runs the blog Climate Progress, and he’s tthe author of Hell and High Water. Chris Mooney is the author of The Republican War on Science and the forthcoming book, Storm Wars.

Mike Stark is a media critic, blogger, and self described prankster of right wing radio. His latest claim to fame was being manhandled by members of George Allen’s re-election staff, post-’Macacca.’ Watch the video here.

The Republicans leadership in Congress aren’t just denying climate change, they’re also trying to stop the music. Yusef Robb of the Live Earth concert speaks about how the American leg of the nearly 10-nation tour may have to be moved from Washington, DC.

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Avian Flu, ‘Treehuggers,’ & Carbon Friendly Hitchhiking

March 27th, 2007


This week, Earthbeat host Daphne Wysham sends in dispatches from a recent meeting of environmental minds in London, England.

Avian flu is a world-wide concern, but European Green Party member Caroline Lucas says the disease is often linked to backyard chicken farms — it’s quite possible that large factory farms are the real problem.

Environmental pioneer, Vandana Shiva was part of the Chipko movement in India that actually led to the term ‘treehugger.’ She speaks to Daphne about that action, and her new book “Earth Democracy.”

Water supplies are running low around the globe, and according to Maude Barlow, the chair of the Council of Canadians, corporations are compounding the problem by privatizing the world’s water.

Could hitchhiking lead the way to a carbon-free future? Megan Quinn of the Ohio-based group Community Solutions, says using cell phones makes it safe and environmentally friendly.

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Climate Hearings and Pop Docs

March 20th, 2007


Congressional hearings continue to investigate political interference by the Bush Administration on climate scientists. Rick Piltz, the Director of the non-profit group Climate Science Watch, joins Earthbeat host Mike Tidwell in discussing the hearings.

We’ll also ‘talk doc’ and investigate the dramatic shift in documentary film. We speak to filmmaker Grace Guggenheim, of Guggenheim Productions (and the sister of the Academy-award winning director of the Al Gore movie An Inconvenient Truth) joins Larry Engle of the Center for Environmental Filmmaking at The American University and NYU film school professor George Stoney on how documentaries are now popular cinema.

And we focus on one documentary that’s burning up the festival circuit – Black Gold. Co-Director and producer Nick Francis joins the senior policy advisor of Oxfam’s US office, Gawain Kripke, on how you might want to change how you order that double-latte with foam.


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Image used courtsey of the film The Land is Waiting.

Changing the World, One Step at a Time

March 13th, 2007


Earthbeat host Mike Tidwell speaks to author and activist Bill McKibben about his recent book “Deep Economy.” McKibben challenges economists and us to realize that growth is not always good. He suggests a radical change in measuring economic success, and put forward a simple step-by-step way to achieve economic and environmental harmony. McKibben is leading the charge with the Step-It-Up campaign, a series of hundreds of local global warming protests that will occur on April 14th.

One way people are stepping it up is by demanding their governments take clear, serious action on climate change. Tidwell discusses how states across the country are following in California’s footsteps in crafting meaningful legislation with Josh Tulkin of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network and Rob Sargent of the U.S. Public Interest Research Group.

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Information about Bill McKibben’s upcoming appearance in Washington, DC can be found here.
Details about the DC Environmental Film Fest are here.