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Global Warming Denial

July 24th, 2006


This week on Earthbeat host Mike Tidwell tackles denial.

George Marshall of the Climate Outreach and Information Network in the United Kingdom studies global warming denial — and he’s found that when it comes to action — sometimes the less you know, the better. Marshall’s blog is

How to cut through Global Warming Denial? A few artists are trying to reach people, not through charts and graphs, but through photos and paintings.

Edward Morris and Susannah Sayler of The Canary Project put landscape photographs of areas affected by Global Warming on buses around Denver in collaboration with the city’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

Painter Joy Garnett is currently taking part in the exhibit “Prevailing Climate” in New York City and is preparing for her solo show, sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC. The show opens in January 2007.

In a commentary host Mike Tidwell talks about denial and issues a call to action for a groundswell — a movement — of people concerned about global warming; calling for people to lead where our politicians fear to tread.

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photo used courtesy of Trixie Bedlam

Sweden Declares Oil Independence

July 18th, 2006

This week on Earthbeat — co-host Daphne Wysham discusses how Sweden plans to become oil-independent within the next decade. She speaks to Martina Kruger of Greenpeace Nordic.

Happy Fourth of July!

July 6th, 2006

Earthbeat is on a summer recess for the Fourth of July holiday.

Please join us for our next show on July 18th — when host Daphne Wysham discusses how Sweden has pledged its independence from oil within the next ten years.