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How to Build a Green Elementary School

April 28th, 2006

Maryland’s Montgomery County is considering requiring all large buildings to go ‘green.’ The Great Seneca Creek Elementary School, under construction in Germantown is being called one of the ‘greenest’ schools in the nation. Principal Gregory Edmundson, project architect Amy Upton and Montgomery County Green Building program manager Anja Caldwell, joins Mike Tidwell to discuss the school.

Interested in creating your own green building? — Don’t miss Mike Tidwell’s open house this Saturday, May 6th.

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Nukes, Oil & Iraq Oh My! – Heading Toward Another Middle East Showdown; Peace Activists Join Eco Activists in NYC; & How The World Bank Hurts India’s Environment

April 25th, 2006

This week the U.N will report on its findings on Iran’s contention that it’s enriching uranium for nuclear power plants. The Bush Administration contends that Iraq is on track to build nuclear weapons. Co-host Daphne Wysham talks to Michael Klare, the author of “Blood and Oil.” In his book Klare contends that America’s military is now little but an oil-protection service.


Buy a copy of “Blood & Oil” from a local independent bookstore.

As a showdown looms between the USA and Iran, environmentalists are joining peace activists for a march in New York City on Saturday, April 29th. Daphne speaks to Angela Kelly of the Student Peace Action Network about the effort.

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund held their Spring meetings in Washington, DC recently. Smitu Kothari of India lobbied the two groups to provide sustainable ecological projects in India.

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The ‘New’ Al Gore; Just in Time for Saturday’s Earth Day – Organic Liquor; and a Film Celebrating the Clean-Up of Washington, DC’s ‘Other’ River

April 18th, 2006

Just in time for a Saturday night celebration of Earth Day — bars and nightclubs are showcasing organic beer, wine and Liquor. Co-host Mike Tidwell talks to Remy C about the rise of these libations and finds out whether or not they’re really healthier. To visit Remy C’s ‘Cocktail Organico’ website click here.

Surrounding Earth Day is a number of events. Joining co-host Mike Tidwell in the studio is John Campagna of Baltimore Green Week.

He’s baaaccckkk. Al Gore has been touring the country with, of all things, a slide show presentation about Global Warming. Now it’s been turned into a movie that wowed audiences at the Sundance independent film festival. But is Gore really committed to the cause? One environmentalist who’s unconvinced is John St. Clair, the co-author of the 2000 book, ‘Al Gore: An Owner’s Manual.’

View the trailer for “An Inconvenient Truth.”

The Anacostia River flows through the Maryland suburbs and right through the heart of the nation’s capital. Often the Potomac gets all the glory the Anacostia became a dumping ground for polluters. A new film, “The Anacostia: Restoring the People’s River” will air on Maryland Public Television on April 25th. DC-area film maker Todd Clark and the film’s composer, Pili Greenfield, joins Mike Tidwell in the WPFW studios.

Music for this week’s show came from The Hypnotic Panties, one of the many musical acts at Baltimore Green Week, and from In Process…, the Washington, DC group featured in the movie “The Anacostia: Restoring the People’s River.”


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Mountaintop Removal Mining, ‘So-Called’ Organic Milk & Fixing the Gulf of Mexico ‘Dead Zone’

April 5th, 2006

Mountain Justice Summer is an effort to highlight the problems surrounding what’s called “Mountaintop Removal Mining.” Often called ‘strip mining on steriods’ this type of coal mining removes the entire top of mountains to get at coal reserves underneath. Joining co-host Daphne Wysham in the studio is Brian Bernhardt of Mountain Justice Summer, and on the phone is Vernon Halton from the Whitesville, West Virginia offices of Coal River Mountain Watch.

Next week, the USDA will hold public hearings in Central Pennsylvania over the labeling of organic foods. Mark Kastel joins Daphne from the dairy state of Wisconsin to discuss the efforts of The Cornucopia Institute. It will lobby the USDA for stricter standards for organic milk — and has rated organic milk marketers on a ‘cow scale’ measuring how much of their milk comes from small family farms.

This time of year, the spring rains wash million of dollars of excess fertilizer down the Mississippi River — creating a massive ‘Dead Zone’ in the Gulf of Mexico. Joining Daphne in the studio is Mary Booth, a senior scientist with the Washington, DC based Environmental Working Group. Booth says that most of the fertilizer pollution comes from only a few tax-subsidized farms. She says that limiting the amount of tax breaks and subsidies to these farms could help to greatly clean up the Gulf.

Music for this week’s show came from Falling Mountain Music and from Dana Lyons, the song “Cows with Guns.” (Be sure to watch the flash animation version on Lyon’s website here.)

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Big Media Discovers Global Warming, Can Humans Adapt? & Organic Produce

April 4th, 2006

Time Magazine’s cover story this week is a special report on global warming. “Be worried, very worried” declares Time.

How does the media make decisions what to, or not to, cover? Earthbeat co-host Mike Tidwell speaks to
American Unversity professor Amy Eisman. She’s the former cover story editor for USA Today. Also joining the conversation is one of the authors of Time’s cover package, senior health writer Christine Gorman. She talks about the effect global warming will have on human health.

Melting polar ice caps, disappearing polar bears, the effects of climate change often seem far away. But one local ecologist says the nation’s capital will soon be underwater unless a massive floodgate is built to keep out the waters. Marsh ecologist Court Stevenson joins Earthbeat to talk about his idea to keep DC dry.

One simple thing that can be done to combat climate change is to buy organic, locally grown produce. But organic food is becoming big business. In his upcoming book, Organic, Inc. author Samuel Fromartz talks about how organic food has become a $11 (b) billion-dolllar industry. Joining the discussion from his organic farm in Pennsylvania is Mike Tabor. He sells his produce through farmer’s markets and through a local CSA – Community Supported Agriculture service.

To sign up for Mike Tabor’s CSA send an e-mail to To find a local organic farm or Community Supported Agriculture, CSA, near you click here.

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*In February Earthbeat co-host Daphne Wysham interviewed NASA’s chief climate scientist James Hansen. He accused White House appointees in NASA of muzzling him from speaking out on global warming.
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