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Nukes and Oil: Oil Companies in Nigeria, the Stop Exxon Campaign & the Anniversary of TMI

March 28th, 2006

This week the President of Nigeria is in the U.S. meeting with George Bush. Nigeria is the world’s eighth-largest producer of crude oil and the fifth largest supplier of oil to the United States. Earthbeat co-host Daphne Wysham interviews Asume Osouka, a campaigner for the Environmental Rights Action in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, about the impact oil companies are having on his country.

Joining Daphne in the studio live and taking calls are two activists highlighting Exxon Mobil’s back-door political actions. Kert Davies of Greenpeace USA discusses how Exxon was behind an IRS audit of the environmental group. Exxpose Exxon‘s Shawnee Hoover brought along a copy of a new Internet comic about Exxon’s thirst for oil.

Finally, Tuesday, March 28 is the 27th anniversary of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster. Daphne speaks to Paul Gunter, the director of the reactor watchdog project for the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, and Harvey Wasserman, the author of the book: Solartopia! Our Green-powered Earth.

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A Revolution in Hybrid Cars and Power Plant Emission Developments

March 21st, 2006

Co-host Mike Tidwell interviews Kateri Callahan, President of Alliance to Save Energy, about their successes and challenges in encouraging the adaption of the new fuel-efficient vehicles.

Following that, Mike interviews Eric Schaeffer, former head of enforcement at the Enivronmental Protection Administration (EPA), on the stunning, powerplant emission legislation that was passed yesterday in the Maryland Senate (March 20, 2006). Eric now heads the Environmental Integrity Project.

Finally, Mike interviews Ernie Leeman, VP of North Old Town Independent Citizen Civic Association (NOTICE), in Alexandria, VA on their struggle for clean power-plant emissions in the area.

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DON’T FORGET! DC’s Enivronmental Film Festival is in its final week. Visit the web site for venues and schedules.

Saving The Forests

March 14th, 2006

Co-host Daphne Wysham talks with Steve Homer, Communications Coordinator for Unified Forest Defense Campaign. Steve’s organization is seeking to stop a bill currently moving through Congress that would eliminate environmental safeguards on the management of U.S. forests. The Bill is HR 4200, a.k.a. the Walden Logging Bill. Steve urges concerned citizens to call their legislators immediately to stop the bill. Call 202-225-3121 for more information.

Also, Daphne interviews Liz Butler of Forest Ethics, the Canadian group responsible for pressuring Victoria’s Secret into using recycled paper.

Finally, following U.S. Interior Secretary Gale Norton’s resignation last week, Daphne hosts Jeff Ruch, Exec. Director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). PEER supports public employees on the local, state and national levels who have clashed with their politically appointed leadership.

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The Apollo Alliance and The Environmental Film Festival

March 7th, 2006

[March 7, 2006] Co-host Mike Tidwell interviews Jerome Ringo, the first African-American to head a major conservation organization(National Wildlife Federation), and the new president of the Apollo Alliance, which together with its member organizations are pursuing a crash program for clean energy.

Mike also hosts Flo Stone, founder of the Environmental Film Festival. The Festival takes place in Washington, DC, March 16-26, 2006.

Finally, Mike interviews Tracy Bowen, Exec. Director of the Alice Ferguson Foundation, and a director of the upcoming Trash Summit.

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